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Our servers are provided by one of the fastest & most reliable webhosting servers out there. Hostgator servers are popular for their reliability and great support so we're just extending their service here in Davao City for local availability. Great service for great websites!

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You can start building your own web presence for just Php 92.00 per month. Our main goal is for you to focus more on your website's contents. Let us handle your webhosting service needs. We can help you set up your website at no extra cost, that's already a good deal — right?

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We understand that there will be some hiccups along the way, but we're here to help you. You are always on top of our priority list. So when something goes wrong, help is on the way. We may not have all the answers to your question, but we'll help you find the solution — lightning fast!

 We just want you to focus on your website, produce great content, and we'll handle the tricky part of making it accessible online 24/7 — 365-days a year.

James Clavel | davaowebhosting.com

 Hi Davao Webhosting. I am satisfied with your excellent after sales services. I feel great to have my site hosted by you guys. Keep up the good works. I would proudly recommend Davaowebhosting for our partner NGOs and INGOs operating in the Philippines.

Ammier Dodo | amd-graphics.com

 I am very fortunate for choosing Davao Web Hosting to host my personal website. Very quick service from setting up to after-sales. I remember I once had a problem, when I asked for their help, help was there right away. Continue the good service! And thank you so much.... I am yet to find time to put more content on my blog... :D

Envina Magno | lifeismorebeautiful.info

Freshly Baked Goodies


Sikad Davao

A bike specialty store in Davao City, not just your ordinary 2-wheel bike shop because when you visit their shop you will have a "jaw-drop" seeing the kinds of bike frames, rims, forks, sprockets and more. For bike enthusiasts, may it be for road or mountain trailling visit their shop and have your bikes pampered. :)

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A 3D graphics modeler who worked in middle-east for years and now working for an NGO. He is now establishing his own brand and promote his services via his own website. Graphics and 3D is his expertise, you'll be amazed when you see his works. And yeah, he also do animation for commercials.

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Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society

An NGO (non-government organization) based in Cotabato which is into peace advocacy. Their mission is "To help empower technically and politically the Bangsamoro civil society organizations towards more active participation in achieving justice, peace and human development."

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Zabadani Cafe

Zabadani is one of most visited Halal restaurants in the city. Located at The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao and one in Cebu city — Zabadani Cafe. The brand-new and sleek looking website has been crafted according to Wadiy's preference and functionality. We started as clients on his resto and friends for more than 3-years and in good business relationship since then. We hope your new website generates more lead. Inshallah!

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Life Is More Beautiful

A brand-new blog of a friend who discovers herself pursuing happiness in other country. She has been a good friend, a batchmate and classmate in college. She is now in Vietnam woking as an English Teacher. She has been actively blogging before but when she can't access her website to update after a malware affecting her blog, she decided to have her new blog hosted with davaowebhosting.com — we're happy she's able to continue documenting her new life in Vietnam and maybe the next article would be in different country perhaps.

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CNSQ Online

CNSQ Online is an online portral. This blogger has been my student during my teaching days way back 2006. We have been catering his web hosting needs but he has difficulty reaching the last web hosting provider so he decided to transfer to davaowebhosting.com — we're happy to have you and now he can update his portal which has a lot of links and blogs to showcase. Good Luck on your website sir Noel!

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Who We Are

We are freelance web developers whose expertise are utilizing open-source technologies. Our forte is coding PHP+MySQL websites and maximizing development using CodeIgniter PHP Framework.

Our more-than 7-years of extensive experience in web development arena is why we are proud of delivering quality service to our clients.

Web development is only part of the job, our experience in managing various client's web hosting servers got us the edge and technical know-how.

With the skills we honed for several years, we are confident enough to provide our very own davaoeƱos the same top-notch quality web hosting services they deserve, not to mention our partnership with hostgator, you'll never go wrong.

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